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New training tool for czech scouts

Kaca Horavova

on 24 March 2013

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in czech scouting pedagogical requirements technical requirements reality implementation resources money CONTENT and structure competence model active learning where we are OUR GOAL:
better quality of training: e-learning tool for both
youth and adults redesigned time people experience what we can offer courses & methods rivalry, know how missing training patrol leaders training pc based resources immediate feedback mastery learning on-demand help social learning set specific objectives
provide tools for validation and self-evaluation in every step
90 competences for leader exam - tags resources - as a supplement/instruction/flip learning
2 materials in the same time
support of all types of content
communication tools
dates, personal planning tools
-> calendar individualisation and choice
types of content: when, where, how
types of learning styles recognizing of informal learning of adults!
tools for discussion
comments on all content
tutoring and mentoring tools
self-evaluation tools from tutor: mail, shared folder, contacts
from groupS!
from other resources peer learning, peer tutoring, peer admin
motivation - social networks, statistics, statuses
wall, chat, discussions, like/dislike, comments
support of synchronous work - apps, study groups -> wall + folder + chat + contacts buffet style open-source fb-like ready to expand intuitive for users,
easy for admins Carol Twigg and Course redesign research (USA)
lowering costs
change efficiency of exams +20-80%
1 teacher/3x students
90% questions dont need teachers Suplement or replacement? Emporium model: 24/7 experiences
developed technical solution
know-how about theoretical approaches to e-learning
cooperation in funding - projects for sharing Support of external tools - possibly google apps, prezi, some project tools.. problem with our requirements
changing the open-source solution would cost more than developed one
danger that open-source changes its code
solution -> on-demand development with all the rights future -> individual contracts
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