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Women and Gender Studies

No description

Brenna Healy

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Women and Gender Studies

April 16th, 2013
Holly Meister and Brenna Healy Rape in the Media MOCKINGBIRDS
recap - Carter gets served the official papers
- The trial begins
- Alex preforms in a school concert in front of a recruiter from Juilliard
- Another flashback: Her hands on his back
-Talk with Ms. Damata
- Carter declared guilty
- Alex accepts the offer to take over Mockingbird and continues to date Martin Rape is a visible topic in today's media sources. Through these outlets of communication, often times the perception rape becomes skewed. Rape is portrayed as "stranger danger" rather than acquaintance situations. From this, rape becomes overly dramatized and used as a form of entertainment. The increased portrayal of rape in popular media also normalizes rape, rather than heightening its seriousness. Because media is prevalent and accessible, people are able to interact with these issues quicker than ever before. Thus, we believe it is the job of the media to do its part to educate the public of the dangers of rape, rather than profit from its entertainment value. Examples of
Rape in the Media "Lehigh Confessions" on Facebook In the text: Examples: TV Gossip Girl
- Netflix: 3:15
- "It's a party, things happen" HYPOTHESIS - Themis acts as a microcosm of society. As we use media sources to spread news, they use gossip. In both situations, serious news is not always spread through reliable sources. This leads to misinformation and miseducation.
- Flat World Reference
- The Mockingbirds is comparatively a better representation of the rape in the media. Daniel Tosh
- Tosh.0 on Comedy Central
- Stand up routine on rape jokes Questions: - Do you think the portrayal of Rape in the Media is doing it's part to educate, or does it need to be changed?

- Do you think The Mockingbirds is a good representation of rape for the intended audience?

- How do you feel like these issues are presented at Lehigh? And what is medias role? any questions? sources used: Gossip Girl, Season 1, Episode 1

Tosh.0, Season 3, Episode 1

The Mockingbirds, Daisy Whitney

Facebook page "Lehigh Confessions"
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