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No description

Hull Elementary

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Fairest

Fairest by Kayla Zweig
Main Character
Maid aza is the main character. She has a very ugly face.But she has a beautiful voice and she can illuse. Also she is friends with the gnomes.She likes to sing.
Minor Characters
One of the minor characters is Queen Ivy.She is a bad singer and is going to marry the king. She becomes friends with Maid Aza,But then she befriends her.Another minor character is Prince Ijori.Maid Aza is sercetly in love with him.He saves her life.
A girl named maid Aza works at a chamber inn called the Featherbird inn. The Duchees stays at Featherbird and likes maid Aza. She is one of the few guests that likes maid Aza because she is ugly.The only other guest that likes maid Aza is a gnome who is very wise. Duchess invites Aza to the king and queens wedding.It is a couple of days before the wedding and the king gets hurt and falls ill.
Main Events
1 Maid Aza buys an apple ,ate it and almost dies
Maid Aza is acussed of trying to make Queen Ivy look bad when she was just helping and Queen Ivy lied . Queen Ivy is trying to kill Maid Aza.
Gail Carson Levine

Narrative Point Of View;
First Person
Author's Purpose;
To Entertain
slide 1
Gnome Caverns
The Castle
The Featherbird Inn
2 Maid Aza gets to go to the castle with the Duchees.
Rising Action
Queen Ivy sends Maid Aza to prison.A guard named Uju gets Maid Aza out of prison and they go to gnome caverns.The kind gnome she met before greeted her. He toke care of her and said he had to go somewhere. She said she would be fine.She goes to the gnome marketplace and purchases a apple from a gnome.She toke a bite from the apple and fell to the ground .The apple was poisin.
Falling Action
The Prince saves Maid Aza from death and the king gets better,
The theme is even a poor maid can go on wild adventures.
Reading Stratagies
1.Some words were hard to understand so I looked at the words around it .
2.I read the book at a good pace.
Do I recommend this book?
I would recommend this book to my friends because it is exciting and challenging.
About the Author
Gail Carson Levine grew up in New York.She has been writing all her life.She is also the author of Ella Enchanted.
The Prince finds out something happened to Maid Aza.And Maid Aza figures out Queen Ivy was the gnome that sold her the poisin apple.
The prince takes a long ride to get to Maid Aza.
slide 2
slide 3
slide 4
slide 5
slide 6
slide 7
slide 13
slide 15
slide 8
slide 11
slide 12
slide 14
slide 9
slide 10
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