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Technology & Computer Assisted Instruction in the Classroom

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Mailani Yuen

on 3 September 2010

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Transcript of Technology & Computer Assisted Instruction in the Classroom

How will I use technology and computer assisted instruction to be a better teacher? BLOGs Wikis Youtube Videos Presentation Software Web 2.0 in my future classroom... BLOGs Wikis Presentation Software Youtube Videos Blogging could be used as an effective INCLUSION tool amongst the children in the classroom In my future classroom BLOGs will be a tool for the use of the students and myself throughout the school year... Students will be able to share their ideas about a certain topic Students will be able to ask questions they may not have been able to ask in the classroom We could use the class BLOG as a type of journal entry for the different activities and field trips we have done in which everyone can share pictures and their personal expererience and feelings they have about that particular activity Teachers may be able to get student feedback on activities used to create meaningful learning through comments and posts students add to the BLOG In my future classroom, youtube videos will provide assistance for both teaching and learning... Students will be able to gain a better understanding of a certain topic if the teacher carefully selects a video to assist that topic Students will be able to create their own videos to post onto youtube as a project. This will give them the chance to work with this technology while learning about a specific topic in class. It will allow them to apply the things they have learned and teach others about it As a teacher, I may also use youtube videos as a teaching aide. I personally may not use this in my future elementary
classroom, but wikis can be useful for students in many ways... Students will be able to control and take charge of their own learning They will also be able to learn to work with others in sharing knowledge and information In my future classroom, presentation software, such as Prezi may be used to make learning more enticing for the students... Preparing and teaching lessons in new and improved ways will give students change so that they don't become bored with the one teaching style we use Teachers' use of different kinds of presentation software will allow variety and different options of teaching and learning styles THE END!
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