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combat zone

No description

erika steinger

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of combat zone

combat zone
combat zone
do now:
combat zone
unit eq: what impact can a war have on its participants?

lesson eq: How can we use the different parts of a word to determine meaning?
word challenge
verb endings
word challenge
word families
Complete the sentences below with your vocabulary words.
Though the girl gave the boy her number, in she had no plans of actually seeing him again.
From an adult's point of view, teenagers are very .

College was the best time of my life.
It was an when the teacher gave us a pop-quiz.
ambush reality complicated certainly
shows when an action takes/took place
past= -ed
present= -ing
recurring= -e or -s
words that share a base word (real, reality, really, etc.)
similar meanings
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