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Exploiting Highlights

No description

Naru Kwon

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Exploiting Highlights

Exploiting Highlights Literature in the Language Classroom Activities by using
a play The Death of a Salesman Activity 1 – Writing Activities: Thought bubbles - There
Imagine that you’re one of the characters of The Death of the Salesman. How would you do your behavior? What would you do differently? Activity 2
– Oral Activities:
Here and There Activity 3
- Oral Activities:
Mini-reading Aloud This activity is done with a dramatic piece of dialogues from a known part of the literary work. Exploiting Highlights Maintaining Momentum
1. Home reading with worksheets
2. Snowball activities - Imaginative activities! The activities will encourage the students to explore and express their own response to the literary work. Exploiting Highlights A judicious selection will enable students to attend to particular deficiencies in one or more of the students' language skills at the same time as they are absorbed in the drama of a novel or play. Writing Activities - Connectors and summary writing
- Summarizing the summary
- Creative conversation writing
- Thought bubbles
- Cries for help
- Poems
- Using authentic formats
(Guide to a TV or radio serial / Newspaper articles / Reports / An ‘agony aunt’ column / Epitaphs / Missing poster) Listening and Reading Activities - Listening
- Activities to accompany reading or listening
(Grids / Selecting and ordering tasks / Jigsaw reading or listening / I know what you said, but what do you mean? / Parallel reading) Naru Kwon Oral Activities - Mini-reading aloud
- Oral summaries
- Choose the statement
- Discussions based on questionnaires
- Discussions based on grids and worksheets
- Continuum
- Codes
(Rule making / How to … / How should they …? How should you…?)
- Filling in the gaps
- Debates
- Friendly persuasion
- Improvisations
- Here and there (Here / There)
- Role plays
- Trailers
- Moviemaker - Here
1. Imagine Willy lives in your town. Where would that character go? Stay? What would he eat? What would he want to do? What would he talk about?

2. Imagine Willy is invited to your home. Where would he sit, what would he notice in the room, what would the conversation be about?

3. Imagine that Willy is a teacher in high school, not a salesman. What would he teach? What he will tell about students? Activity 2
– Oral Activities:
Here and There
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