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High School - First Day of Art Class

A presentation to welcome my students to their first day of school, and introduce them to me, my expectations, and my classroom rules and procedures.

Carrie Smith

on 17 August 2017

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Transcript of High School - First Day of Art Class

Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
Be Responsible:
Be prepared & on time
Clean up after yourself
Be honest and accountable

to ART class! - Ms. Smith
Art makes you smart!!!
About Ms. Smith
I'm from
I like
Omaha, NE but moved to Hill City, KS when I was a kindergartener. Moved to Westcliffe when I was 24 to teach art!
What are they?
Proficiency Scales
well-oiled machine.
help the classroom run smoothly, like a
Mr. and Mrs. Lee
123 Rosita Road
Cell Phones & Electronic Devices
Ask 3 before me!

If another student is not able to
help, raise your hand and wait
for me to come to you.

Be Respectful:
Work quietly
Listen to and follow directions
Respect people, equipment, and art
Parents to call:
- Joe :(
- Sarah :)
- Harry :)

Help me!
ART of course! Mountain biking, snowboarding, rafting/kayaking and hanging with my friends.
To help you learn about yourself and the world around you through ART
Be Productive:
Stay on task
Have a positive attitude!
Westcliffe, CO 81252
& Routines
You need to bring your own pencils to art class! Remember – if you forget to bring a pencil, your progress grade will be affected due to not being prepared for class.
Custer County Schools
Attn: Ms. Smith
709 Main St.
Westcliffe, CO 81252
Checking for

Formative assessments are ways for me to check if we are meeting our learning goals.

They help me to be a better teacher and they help you to understand more about your learning, making YOU a better student.
- it is your responsibility to line up quickly and quietly by the back door if we need to evacuate the building
- immediately no talking, listen to Ms. Smith for directions
Goofing off will NOT be tolerated in a drill!!!

"All who have meditated on the art of governing [hu]mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends on the education of youth"
- Aristotle
Weekly Progress - 40%
Projects - 30%
Exams - 15%
Weekly Activities - 15%

Trash Cans
Now where is...?
Depending on materials, you will begin clean up 5-10 minutes prior to dismissal bell. I will do my best to remind you when to start cleaning up. Early clean-up affects weekly progress grade.

Put supplies away in appropriate places. Store artwork in art lockers/shelves. Clean sinks/counters/tables/floor.

Stay at your seat/table until bell rings.
Remember to push in your stools before you leave!

What are our
Learning Goals for today?
About Me
Cell phone/electronic device usage other than for academic purposes or to listen to music! Acceptable use policy must be signed and turned in prior to any use.
Food or drink other than water in spill-proof bottle.
Peace signs, hearts, smiley faces, ying/yangs or any other overused symbol; be original, be creative!
Cards, notes, name signs, paper airplanes.
Inappropriate images, words, etc. in artwork.
Hanging around the door at the end of class.
Throwing away any projects, must be taken home. If found in any trash on school property, a 0% will replace your project grade.

One of the best ways to communicate growth of student learning is through a portfolio. Each student will be expected to develop and maintain a digital art portfolio that includes photos of all finished projects and sketchbook assignments. You will be using a digital portfolio template found in Google Classroom.

Students will:

1. Understand classroom rules, procedures and expectations.

2. Understand why art is important!

Erase it
Look again: Is it your best work?
Make sure your name is on the back of your artwork
Put your finished artwork in your art locker/shelf
If you are using paint or glue, put your work in the drying rack
Work on any incomplete projects/assignments/sketchbooks
Read a book from the art library
Draw from art starts or activity sheets
Your Peers
Our Room
and Materials
Your Art
Respect their
opinions, feelings, space,
materials, and artwork.
Treat others how you
would like to be
Your Teacher
I will give you respect
and expect to receive it
in return. When I'm
teaching, your eyes are
on me, voices are off and bodies are still.
Give your best effort!!!
Also, you WILL NOT throw
away your art, if you
100% do not want it,
give it to me.
Please treat them as if they are your own. Use them appropriately and clean them when finished.
You should respect:
While in the art classroom, you will be expected to:
Be Safe:
Use tools safely and properly
Walk in the classroom
Sit in stools appropriately
Serious and severe offenses will be immediately referred to the principal with consequences outlined in student handbook.
If you choose to not follow the rules:
1. Warning
2. Behavior Tracking
3. Communication
to parents
4. Referred to principal
What if I have a question?
M.C. Escher, Georgia
O'Keeffe, Vincent van Gogh
End of Class
HS students will have their own art locker to store sketchbooks, pencils, handouts, etc. HS students will share a shelf to store projects, etc. Your name will be listed on your locker and shelf. Unless you ask permission from the owner, do NOT get into other’s lockers or shelf.
Art Lockers/Shelves
Classroom Entry
When you get to class, quietly enter the classroom, get materials out and begin working on project or assignment.

Use the restroom and get a drink before art class. You must have your own planner and fill out for me to sign prior to you leaving classroom. You cannot leave during any instruction or demonstration.
Drying Rack
Art Reflections
Exit Tickets
Color Wheel
Activity Sheets
Art Starts
In order for you to be able to use a cell phone/electronic device for educational purposes in ART, you must get parent/guardian permission and sign the Acceptable Use Policy.
Google Classroom will be an important part of your ART class this year. We will be using this learning management system to house all our important documents: syllabus, curriculum, classroom rules/procedures/expectations, etc. All projects will be on Google Classroom and we will also be using this tool to complete some of our weekly activities: art journals, compare/contrast, art critiques, and more! You will be given a classroom code to join the Google Classroom for ART soon! Stay tuned!
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