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Katarina Jovanovic

on 17 March 2015

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Data Analysis
Passive Control & Exercise Groups
Task & Procedure
Random Assignment

Passive Control treatment:
- Sitting passively in a lab for 10 mins (no books, phone or internet)

Exercise treatment:
- Cycled on an exercise bike (2 min warm up, 10 min subjective rating of perceived exertion)
- Data was collected from the exercise activity through the exercise bike and a polar heart rate monitor

fMRI imaging:
- 30 images of smoking related (images of hands holding cigarettes, pictures of cigarettes, people smoking)
- 30 neutral images (hands holding pens, stationary items)
- the images were organized into blocks of three smoking pictures or three neutral pictures
- each image was shown to the participant for 6.6 sec (each block 19.8 sec)
- after each block was displayed a black fixation cross followed on a white screen for another 19.8 sec
- The data was then analyzed and was used in equations

- Which voxel showed activation to smoking images compared to control images across the two treatments

- Which voxels showed activation to smoking compared to neutral for each treatment
Tuesday, March 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Results & Discussion
- Researchers recruited and individually interviewed 20 smokers
- Theories of addiction
- Abstinence from the drug of abuse
Empirical Evidence:
- Smokers show preferential biases in attention for smoking related words or images
- As well as an increase in regional brain activation (when smokers view smoking related images).

Smoking abstinence:
- Increase in attention towards stimuli associated with pleasure and reward

Exercise as a treatment for smoking cessation:
- a single session has consistently been proven to show reduction in cigarette craving and withdrawal symptoms
- Meet physical requirements to exercise (free from injury and illness)
- Have no intention on quitting
- Had been a regular smoker for 2 years or more
- Smoked at least 10 cigarettes a day
- Between the ages of 18 – 50
- Abstain from smoking overnight to elevate tobacco cravings
- Expired carbon monoxide levels were recorded upon arrival to clarify 15 hours of abstinence
- Continued with an exercise or passive control treatment
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