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The Garden of Children

No description

Cynthia Guo

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Garden of Children

We provide photo albums
We have an afterschool program for older children
There is a saturday School program
There is a summer School program
We offer PSAT/SAT/ACT Tutoring
Optional babysitting
The Garden of Children
What We Do
Regular Daycare
o Breakfast
o Outdoor time
o Story time
o Music time
o Lunch
o Nap time
o Foreign language
o Arts and Crafts
o Snack time
o Free games time

What Makes Us Unique
Table of Contents
Mission Statement
Floor Plan
What We Do
What Makes Us Unique
Ideal Customer
Marketing Plan
Funding/ Sponsorships
Pro- Forma Income
Balance Sheet
SWOT Analysis
Future Outlook
WOT Analysis
WOT Analysis
T Analysis
Pro-Forma Income Statement
Mission Statement

Established in 2013, The Garden of Children™ provides a safe, structured and nourishing day care and tutoring service specifically geared towards the low-income, single parent demographic. Here at the Garden, we provide your children with the tools and discipline they need to become confident, knowledgeable and successful. We understand that there are plenty of options when it comes to daycare service. However, here at The Garden of Children™, our children are greeted and surrounded by valuable child care resources to help you become a more confident parent. So whether it be your child’s first word or first year in school, let us become an extension of your family and let your child’s future blossom in our nurturing environment.
Marketing Plan
Funding/ Sponsorships
Balance Sheet
Future Outlook
After School Programs
o Math tutoring
o English tutoring
o Homework tutoring
Saturday School
o SAT & ACT Prep
o PSAT Prep
o Homework tutoring
Summer School
o SAT & ACT Prep (Mon. - Fri.)
o PSAT Prep (Mon. – Fri.)

We created business cards to place in nearby schools and recreational centers, popular among parents and children

We also intend on putting up flyers across the neighborhood

We created a commercial to post on social media and on school websites as advertisements

Visit us at 816 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207
Future Expansion
We believe that by the fifth year of business we will be able to add another branch of the Garden of Children.

We will have the option of making the Garden of Children a franchise day care system across the nation.

We plan on creating a car service program, to pick up and drop off children as an extra add on

Future Obstacles
We will have to explore the idea of hiring new employees rather than have free labor from volunteers.

A Child's Place preschool/Grade School
How does their day care center look like?
Courses and Services they have
● Circle time
● Art
● Language
● Math
● Music and Movement
● Science
● Fun and Games

Why are we
Their Prices
Full Days 7:00-5:15
● 5 days a week $700 per month
● 4 days a week $560 per month
● 3 days a week $420 per month
● 2 days a week $280 per month
● 1 day a week $140 per month

Half Days - 7:00-11:30 or 11:30-5:15
● 5 half days a week $350 per month
● 4 half days a week $280 per month
● 3 half days a week $210 per month
● 2 half days a week $140 per month
● 1 half day a week $70 per month

General Prices=700 $/(10 hrs/day * 5 days/week *4weeks) =3.5$/hr
We offer many more programs
Our Prices
Full day (regular)
5 days a week --- $ 800/ month
4 days a week --- $ 720/ month
3 days a week --- $ 670/ month

Saturday School
SAT prep / ACT prep $ 800/ semester
PSAT prep $ 700/ semester
After school Programs
• Math $ 625/ semester
• English(Reading/ writing) $ 600/ semester
• Homework tutoring $ 610/ semester
Summer School

SAT prep/ ACT prep --- $ 1200

PSAT prep --- $ 1000

Subjects Tutoring --- $ 620

General Price = 800$ /(12 hrs/day * 5 days/week * 4 weeks)
$3.5 /hr > $
3.3 /hr
We have a great location and neighborhood
Located off of Elk Grove Blvd and Cresleigh Parkway
Hours: Monday- Friday 7am- 7pm
Saturdays 8am- 1pm

Phone number: (917)-684-4459
Our Website
Floor Plan
3 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
Nursery Room
Nap Time Room
Afterschool Room (to do homework)
Jarisa Mora
-NYU: Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematic
-Harvard Medical School: Pediatrics Degree
-Studied abroad in Italy: was selected to study art history in Florence, Venice, and Rome
-Residency: New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital
-Algebra 2/Trigonometry Teacher at Manhattan Village Academy
-Women & Child Care Center:
Affiliations and Activities
-Volunteer at the Allen Pavilion Hospital
-Volunteer math tutor at P.S. 128
-Helps clean garbage up from beaches during the summer
-Part of volleyball team
CuiYu Kuang
-Pennsylvania State University:
Master of Management, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
-Wonderland Daycare Center
-P.S. 184 Shuang Wen
-Developmental skills in Microsoft Office
-Curriculum design
-Performance level piano playing
-Amateur nutritionist
Ali Janati
Box Tops
Box Tops for Education® is one of the nation’s largest school fundraising loyalty programs and has been helping schools succeed since 1996.
We can get it from participating products
Each of it worths 10 ¢
The cash we earn will be used to buy school supplies
Child and Adult Care Food Program plays a vital role in improving the quality of day care and making it more affordable for many low-income families. As a Daycare, After School program and Babysitting center, we are eligible for CACFP funding.

Annual Income:
Race- African American
Both she and son born in U.S.A
-Works as an event planner
-Spends time on social media websites (both business and personal)
-Son spends time playing with toys and watching made for children television shows
Ideal Customer
Jada Jones
Geographic Location:
-Lives in Knickerbocker Ave
-Owns a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Her son is too young to attend schools near home
Psychographic Analysis:
-Works 6 days a week
-Works from 9am to 6pm
-Son is 3 years old
-Does not have family to leave him with while she is at work
-Is not very religious
-Very social and modern
Cynthia Guo
-Macaulay Honors Program at Baruch College:
Finance and Sociology Majors
-Piano teacher
Extra Curriculars/Community Activities
-Volunteer Work- East River Development Alliance
-Community Service- Beacon Program in Queens
-Developmental skills in Microsoft Office
-Developmental skills in Adobe Photoshop
-Walden University - MS:
Early Childhood Special Education
-Kindergarten Teacher at St. George Academy
-Elementary School Teacher at Public School 3: The Charrette School
-Curriculum Design
-Early Childhood Development
-Childhood Development
-Lesson Planning
-Speaks English, Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese), Spanish, and French
-Volunteer at Hope Garden IS 49
-Teacher at CSI HS IS | Health-o-ween
-Member of Volleyball Club, Badmiton Club, and Fencing Club
Little Lukes
PEAC Health & Fitness
The Community YMCA
Type of Industry
Nonprofit Organization Management
Youth Development
Healthy Living
Teen Leadership
201-500 employees

Type of Industry
Public Company
Education Management
Hand Writing Without Tears
Speech Therapy
Physical Therapy
201-500 employees

Type of Industry
Privately Held
Fitness training
Sports training
Youth programs
201-500 employees
(609) 883-2000
Jarisa Mora
Cuiyu Kuang
Ali Janati
Cynthia Guo
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