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The Spread and Beliefs of Judaism, Hinduism And Buddhism

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Max Mansfield

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of The Spread and Beliefs of Judaism, Hinduism And Buddhism

The Spread and Beliefs of Hinduism The Beliefs of Hinduism The Beliefs How Judaism Spread The Spread and Beliefs of
Judaism Judaism Spread when the Babylonyans spread the Jewish people around Israel during the Babylonian exile. After Buddha's death, missionairies carried out his teachings throughout Asia. The Spead And BeliefsOf............ Judaism, Hinduism And Buddhism They believed in monotheism, the belief in one god. They also believed in ethical behavior, which is behavior based on right an wrong Judaism also spread during the Diaspora when the Jewish people were wandering the deserts and making communities. The spread and beliefs of Buddhism. The Beliefs of Buddhism One thing that they believed in was the eightfold path.
It mean finding the right things in life. They were The right belief, purpouse, speech, conduct, livelihood, effort, mindfullness and meditation. They als believed in the four noble truths. The first one
is that life includes suffering. The second is suffering is
caused by wanting something you dont have. The third
is suffering can end. And finally, in order for it to end you must follow the eightfold path. The beliefs of the buddha were reincarnation, the cycle of life and karma. The Spread of Buddhism Buddha also urged his followers to spread his teachings throughout the world. There were also two schools of buddhism where different types of buddhism were taught. The Hindu's believed that everyone wants four basic things. The first one is pleasure. The second is success. Success could be fame or wealth. The third is dharma or living a moral life. The final is moksha, release from life, They beleive that if you have a bad dharma, you reincarnate into a lower caste. If you have a good dharma, you reincarmate into a higher caste. The spread of Hindusim Hinduism started to spread when priests traveled with merchants to trading posts and converted people. The Hindu's religion took you into their's no matter what you believed in. You can also pray whenever you want to. Either at at a temple or your home. And they had the sects, the groups that prayed to individual gods.
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