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Disneyland Cell Analogy

No description

Angela Lin

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Disneyland Cell Analogy

Disney Animal Cell Analogy
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane is like the entrances at Disneyland because it is semipermeable. Only people that have bought tickets can get in. In the cell, only certain things can go in and out of the cell.
The cytoplasm is like pixie dust because it is everywhere throughout the cell. The cytoplasm also contains molecular building blocks that help the cell while pixie dust also helps the fairies do their work.
Angela Lin
Per. 3

The nucleus of the cell is what stores all the information about genetics and controls all the functions. This is like Walt Disney because he was the one that made everything and controls how the parks are run and built.
The nucleolus makes ribosomes. This is like Walt Disney's brain because that is what thinks of the characters, which are the ribosomes.
The vacuole stores all the materials that the cell needs. If the cell were making Disney characters, it would need colored pencils and markers to bring them to life. The vacuole would be a pencil box where pens would be stored.
The ribosomes in the cell make protein by linking amino acids together while the Disney characters create happiness and joy for children. There are also numerous characters like there are ribosomes.
The protein is what most of the cell is trying to make. Almost all of the Disney characters produce happiness, instead of protein. The protein is the joy that the characters make.
The DNA is like the ideas of Walt Disney because they are inside the nucleus, which is Walt Disney. The DNA has information on how things are made, while his ideas create characters.
The lysosomes break down old cell parts by using enzymes.This is like the trash can in his office. All of Disney's bad ideas go there, where it gets thrown away because they aren't good enough. .
Rough Endoplasmic Riticulum
The rough ER modifies proteins that the ribosomes make. These are represented by the editors that Disney has. They'll make any changes to the character that he designed until it is perfect.
The cytoskeleton supports and shapes the cell. This is represented by the walls and supports Disneyland has so that the roller coasters wont collapse.
The golgi apparatus processes, sorts, and delivers proteins just like the train that goes around Disneyland. It sends all the people to different places depending on where they want to go.
Golgi Apparatus
This is what supplies energy to the cell by turning food to usable energy. If this were compared to Disneyland, it would be where the power is supplied because the theme park uses a lot of electricity to function.
The vesicles divide materials from the rest of the cytoplasm and transport them within a cell. This is like the giant pirate boat in the middle of the lake in Disneyland. It brings people place to place by isolating them from everyone else because it is in the water.
The smooth ER breaks down drugs and alcohol. This would be all the security people working in Disneyland. They find all the people doing bad things and take them out of the park.
Smooth Endoplasmic Riticulum
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