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Post-it Presents:

No description

cristina aprile

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Post-it Presents:


A competition for the top young professionals who are driven to achieve a career in marketing

Sponsorship Architecture
Characteristics & Personality
Real-world setting, networking, competition, experience, professional, young, energetic, fun and engaging, encouraging

Key Features & Associations
Ontario colleges, Ontario marketing association, business marketing departments, business marketing students
Primary Target Market
Ontario colleges, marketing students aged 20-23, top of class, career driven, current academic leader, future business leaders
OCMC is the opportunity to challenge the up and coming young professionals through a series of real world business marketing competitions

Characteristics & Personality
Features & Association
Primary Target Market
Why Post-it?
1. Organize & Structure

2. Fun & Young

3. Practical uses

4. Future loyal users

"Make your future in marketing stick"

2) Post-it Quiz Bowl Board
1) Post-it Challenge
3) Post-it Feedback Board
1) Post-it Coupon Board
2) Post-it Coasters
3) OCMC Emails Branded
with Post-it
3) Post-it Pinterest Board
2) Post-it Twitter Contest
1) Huffington Post/Buzzfeed
article on OCMC

Secondary Sponsor
Thank You!

Sponsorship Architecture
Primary Target Market

Characteristics & Personality
Key Features & Associations
The original and most recognized organization and communication stationary tool used by students and business professionals

The Post-it® Brand helps people be more productive, communicate better and express themselves in a number of creative ways.

Characteristics & Personality
Colourful, fun, portable, organization, little, convenient, sticky, personalized

Key Features & Associations
Primary Target Market
Sticky, helpful, reusable, non-permanent, different sizes, customized sizes, sharing,

Everyone ….. Organized individuals who value having a communication tool at had

Brought to you by:
Dream it Sponsorship
"Post-it, Tweet it, Pin it!"
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