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A History of Science and Technology in the Philippines

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Maevel Romero

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of A History of Science and Technology in the Philippines

Olivia C. Caoili History of Science & Technology in
the Philippines Introduction Conclusion History of Science & Technology
in the Philippines American
Regime Independence ∞ Commonwealth
Period chronology of events interpret & analyze effects of geography
colonial trade
economic & educational policies
soco-cultural factors Shaping the evolution
Philippine Science & Technology systematic understanding & explanation Laws of Nature Scientific
activity centers on
research discovery/ production of new knowledge direct /
appliccation "systematic knowledge of the industrial arts" VS means of techniques the knowledge and the means of its utilization "a body, of knowledge about techniques" Modern technology Outcome is more concrete than science also involves sytematic research BUT i.e. production of "a thing, a chemical, a process" ~something to be
bought & sold In the past science & technology developed separately product of trial & error - human need In modern times . . . progress intimaterly linked together development of technology facilitates many scientific discoveries futher refinement of existing technology invention of new things new scientific knowledge American Regime Commonwealth
Period Independence
∞ 4 5 6 Pre- Colonial
Period Spanish
Regime First
Republic 1 2 3 Precolonial 1521: simple level of technological development
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