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Jessie Olshan

on 18 January 2018

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Transcript of PEERS (C)

What is PEERs (C)
Social skills curriculum for
Based on:
Desire to be there

Perspective Taking
Providing Visuals
Role Play

Perspective Taking
Each lesson incorporates a "why" or a rationale. This creates opporutnites to let the students see how actions effect others and are reflective of them.
Building social and friendship making skills

Role Plays
These allow the students to utilize discrimination training in-vivo. It's important for students to see both the wrong way and the right way to execute activities.
Role Play Videos
Each lesson directs you to write down rules/steps and the remain up for the duration of the group. Also, each lesson is reviewed before you move on to the next lesson and each lesson builds on one another.
Each lesson provides opportunities for students to practice small skills that build on the big picture skill being discussed.
We don't let students practice the role plays unless the skill has been mastered to ensure they are not learning the wrong way.
Making friends??
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