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Francisco Franco Presentation

No description

Rebecca Currey

on 29 October 2010

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Transcript of Francisco Franco Presentation

What is a dictator? A dictator is a leader of a country who makes all the decisions for his country and has all of the power. He can never be questioned by his people. Francisco Franco Was the dictator of Spain in the 1930s How did Franco gain power? Franco led an army which took over the Spanish government during the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s. What are some bad things that Franco did? The economy of Spain was very bad before Franco took over. Franco promised to help people to be able to make money again. He was able to help the economy. Franco had people who disagreed with him sent to prison or concentration camps (work camps). Or he ordered them killed! Franco did not allow women to work outside of the home, even if they had in the past. Franco censored the news and all things that were in public.
Anything that didn't go along with his ideas was not allowed to
be in public places. Propaganda Franco's ideas were advertised as being the greatest ideas for Spain, even when they weren't. In school, children learned that Franco was sent by God to help the Spanish people. No one could question that Franco was always right. Speaking Spanish People were only allowed
to speak the Spanish
dialect that Franco wanted
them to. Other dialects
were common in
different parts of Spain.
They were outlawed. Franco's Legacy Today, we have learned a lot from the mistakes of Francisco Franco. There are now universal human rights that are defended all over the world. People cannot take away a person's human rights the way that Franco did. Examples of Human Rights: We have also learned to remember all of
the bad things that Franco did and to honor his
victims. If we remember how bad it was, we can stop
people like Franco from taking power again.
the right to share your opinion, even if you disagree with government the right to work, even if you are a woman the right to safety
the right to freedom unless you have committed a crime
the right to FAIR laws with equal treatment for everyone
the right to practice whatever religion you want Works Cited: http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Francisco_Franco www.historylearningsite.co.uk How did Franco lose power? He was getting old so he gave his power to a man named Juan Carlos Borbon in 1969. However, he still had control over the military. In 1973, Franco was very sick and all of his power was given to Borbon. Franco died in 1975. Dictator A doctator is a leader of a country who has
absolute power.
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