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"When God Talks Back" by T.M. Luhrmann

No description

Valeria Perez

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of "When God Talks Back" by T.M. Luhrmann

"When God Talks Back" by T.M. Luhrmann
Chapters 1-5
Chapter 3
Learning to relate to God as a person

"Let's Pretend" as a way to get closer to God
Chapter 5
Introduction- We'll begin by going over the chapters quickly

Relate them to other readings and situating them within the broader question
of studying religion

Show a video that will bring to life a lot of the ideas a practices discussed by Lurhmann

Pose really cool questions so we can discuss as a group how this fits into
the broader conceptualization of God across different cultures.

Chapter 1
Focuses on the origins of the Vineyard Church

Background on pastor’s relationship with God

Described stories in which members of the church had experiences of God talking to them
Chapter 2
Looks at methods in which people were able to speak with God

Participatory theory of mind

Prayer very important
Chapter 4
The space of the heart

Christianity vs. Psychotherapy

The six "Pratices"

Prayer, prayer, prayer!

Not voices, but a voice in my head

Why understanding the dimension of prayer is important for non-Christians
VIDEO: JustStopandThink.com "Francis Chan"
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