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FY2 Exam Prep

Everything you want to know about RCSI FY2 Exams

StarryStarry Knight

on 6 February 2016

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Transcript of FY2 Exam Prep

Template by Missing Link
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Healthy Studying!
- Stick to your study schedule!
- What works for some doesn't obviously work for others
- Eat well (try to limit eating out or take away food)
- Drink lots of water
- Don't be afraid to ask your peers questions
- Group study sessions are FANTASTIC
- Take time to exercise!
- Don't sacrifice your sleep!
- Be productive in your study time and you'll have free time to spare!
FY2 Exam Prep Session!
In aid of Free The Children
Where to Start!
Every weekend from now print off 5 SNQs and work through them like worksheets
Go through the learning outcomes
Don't just memorize, understand!
Get started EARLY! Only 1 week vs. 2, and no break!
DON'T RELY ON PAST PAPERS!!! Use only as learning tool/reviewing
Free Fall!
M7: Chemical Processes
The most failed exam in FY PERIOD
Practice, practice, practice!
Past papers with a FRIEND. Hard to do on your own!
Practice problems in textbook and solutions manual
Study with friends in Pharmacy
Everything is fair game to be asked.
This one is hard to predict what kinds of questions they’ll ask.
Practice drawing out mechanisms and structures
Go through equations sheet and practice each one
Know what is/not on the sheet and how to use ALL
Enjoy your summer, it's your last "free" one before you should begin doing research!
Congrats, you've made it to....
Mohini Gadre & Samantha Knight (JC2)
Module Focuses:
Mechanisms!!! ex. Benxenes
(Don't just draw these, understand!)
Aspirin & COX
Know all derivatives make a cheatsheet and memorize them
Rate laws
M8: Nervous System/Special Senses
Diagram of neuron
Memorize labels from past papers (-sometimes they are hard to decipher)
Synapse diagram with labels
Draw an ECG and label
!Vision Cycle! with steps + Vit D relation
Go through equations sheet and practice each problem: refraction, vision correction
Past papers are great for practice, DON'T RELY ON THEM!
Label diagram of eye
Hearing frequency calculations, Doppler effect
Key concepts for
M9: CVS/Immune/GIT
LEARN! Not just memorize, useful for RCSI...and beyond!
CVS: haemophilia, types of blood cells
Physics: equations sheet, practice calculations. (Show up on both MCQ and SNQ!) Volume of blood flow and blood pressure
Immune system: Antibiotics are really important. But can also ask about antibodies
GIT: diagram of nephron structure, memorize labels.Calorimetry Drug metabolism
M10: Reproductive/Endocrine
One of the toughest exams
LEARN, not MEMORIZE - you will use it again!
NOTE: All PPs are on female reproductive system, but don't forget about the guys!
Practice drawing and labelling oogenesis, spermatogenesis, and ovarian cycle
!Hormones cheatsheet!
Dialysis Gas laws, deep-sea diving, pressure, haemoproteins
PRACTICE pH/acid base problems
Alkalosis/acidosis! (Respiratory/Metabolic)
Go through every equation on the sheet and practice
M11: Lab Exam
Similar to last semester in formatBUT TOUGHER!No stains this time!
Pictures, pictures, pictures.
18 days before your exam. Go through 1 lab/day.
3 days before your exam, memorize those pictures.
Know all the labels!
Chemistry: practice equations in your lab manual
Time is an issue for chem questions, so time yourself while practicing them.
M12: Professionalism
Most of your grade already from projects
If online MCQ, Ctrl + F through past papers because they repeat most questions.
Place all the lectures in one file and click Ctrl + F to find any answers you don’t know
Just remember...
These modules are actually medically relevant!
Study now, remember later = stress less!
Majority of info from FY2 onwards used as Drs./USMLE exam!
Which means.... LEARN IT NOW!
How productive/healthy was your studying last exam period????
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