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No description

Bernardo Moreno Camargo

on 25 August 2015

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This is me
Describing my family tree
My Name is Bernardo Moreno Camargo, i'm from Bucaramanga.
I'm systems engineer and i like the music and computers.
i'm instructor in teleinformatic and design software for web aplications. Now I'm work for SENA in the
administrations process for senasofiaplus at CENTER FOR BUSINESS AND TOURIST SERVICES.
This is my Wife
My wife is called Miyi, she works on her pharmacy and helps many people.

We have no children, but we have many nephews, and we love them all
This is my dad
This is my dad, Pedro Nel is called, he's retired. Now enjoys small household duties and the care of their pets. My father was like listening to music and playing his guitar.
my mom is a very cheerful, she belongs to a group of ladies pink and helps any people in need, enjoy watching your garden and doing household duties, cooking delicious
This is my Mom
Maria Helena is called, has brown eyes and black hair smooth is married and has a son named wilmar studying medicine. My sister works in the field of transport, together with her husband
This is my older syster
This is my older brother
Peter is my older brother has green eyes and is married. He has three wonderful daughters, owns a pharmacy and likes to work hard.
This is my brother
My brother Gustavo is not very tall, has blue eyes and brown hair, is married and has a son Gustavo Alberto studying in high school. My brother Gustavo working in the hotel industry
This is my Brother
This is my younger brother, Elkin, has brown eyes and long hair, is married and has a son. My brother works with the music, makes his own compositions and has a band.
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