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Northwood by brian falkner

No description

Agassi Student

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Northwood by brian falkner

Cecilia Undergarment
Cecilia is a girl that can talk to animals. She recently rescued a dog named Rocky their on this incredible adventure. This was all caused by Mr.Proctor, he had figured out that Cecilia had took his dog.He took a tracker and pushed it into The Undergarments lucky the builder had installed helium tanks into the walls in the attic in case of an Earthquake.
So, it all started with Cecilia caring out a plan,which she was very good at. Her plan was to get Rocky out of Mr. Procter's house.She wanted to get Rocky out of the house because she found out that Mr.Procter wasn't feeding Rocky.
The Middle
Now, Cecilia and Rocky are in the woods.There facing a creature that they soon find out its' a black lion.
This wasn't a normal ending to a fairy tale.I found this interesting that they ended up in a castle.I can't wait to
This is a picture of Cecilia
Northwood by brian falkner
Jaelle phipps

The Beginning
the end
THank u
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