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Forensic Science Book Report

No description

Kaitlyn DeWitz

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Forensic Science Book Report

The Angel of Death
By Alane Ferguson Background Kyle found Mr. Oakes dead in his bedroom. When Kyle was being questioned he seemed to be in shock, didn't say much, but fully cooperated with the police. Cammie is the coroner's daughter as well as the coroner assistant. Kyle and Cammie met at the crime scene while Kyle was being questioned and Cammie was assisting her father. After they met, the two became closer because Cammie was familiar with handling death and Kyle felt like she was the only one he could talk to who would understand. Details of the Crime and Forensics of the Crime Scene Kyle killed Mr. Oakes from outside his house with a klystron tube. Klystron "emits enough radiation to microwave a human in less than three minutes." Kyle plugged the tube into an outlet outside and aimed it at his room. Nothing was left at the crime scene because Kyle did not enter the house. There were no fingerprints, blood spatters, hairs, or fibers left behind. Mr. Oakes was an english teacher at Kyle and Cammie's school. He recognized through Kyle's work that Kyle was disturbed. Kyle knew Mr. Oakes knew, so he felt he had to kill him. When Cammie and her father arrived at the crime scene, it was her job to take pictures. Her father took notes on what they observed and the sherriff put crime scene tape around Mr. Oakes yard. How was the suspect found? Before the body was autopsied the medical examiner, Dr. Moore, Cammie, her father, and the sheriff were all very confused about how Mr. Oakes had died. After the autopsy they were still unsure of what happened to him. The inside of his body looked like is had been burned, but his skin did not. Mr. Oakes' eyes had burst and his fists were clenched when he died. Cammie and Kyle were at Kyle's house when Kyle said he needed to run into town to buy something. She was snooping around the house when she saw something that she recognized. There were flowers outside that were wilted. In Mr. Oakes room there had been a vase of flowers and they were wilted the same way. Cammie took a picture with her cell phone and sent it to Dr. Moore. At first he didn't see anything relevent, but then he saw something in the background, a very dangerous chemical. He knew it was a klystron tube and told Cammie to leave immeadiately. Kyle had returned but Cammie did not realize it. Before she could hang up the phone, he snatched it out of her hand. Kyle knew Cammie knew he had killed Mr. Oakes. Kyle duct taped Cammie to a chair and duct taped her mouth then escaped into the wood behind his house. If your book is set in the present, how might the outcome of the investigation changed if the crime was committed two hundred years ago? If this would have happened 200 years ago, the chemical klystron would probably not have been invented or would be fairly new. I think that the first time anyone was killed with klystron it would be on accident. If someone was intentionally killed with klystron the murderer would have a good chance of not getting caught because there'd be very few people who knew about klystron and even fewer would know the deadly consequences.
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