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Career Shadowing

No description

Stephani Cunningham

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing This is Juli Surface, she is the avp and manager at Center State bank.
She went over every job that is done in a bank, things you may or may not know. This is one of the tellers at
center state bank.
she is the woman behind the glass when
you go thru the quick spot. The quick spot is what the woman at
center state back call the drive thru This is another teller, she is the one behind
the counter when you come in and make a
deposit or withdraw. The purpose of this company is
to save, protect, and keep there
coustomers money, to keep
coustomers happy and to keep
the banks clients with them.
right now center state bank is a community bank
and is the only one in polk county.
Center state bank has over 8 million dollars in assets so hopefully in the next couple years center state bank will become a regoinal bank, or coast to coast. In the bank industry you will need
excellent coustomer service skills,
need to be able to communicate well,
need to be easy to talk to, good personality,
get along with others, and good english. For a teller the average salary is 18 to 19,000 a year. The coustomers service person in a bank makes an average of 24 to 27,000 a year. Branch manager makes around 45,000 a year Education:
manager: Highschool diploma
Business/ administration degree. Technology:
Internet use.
Business programs.
Need to know how:
to fix computers.
money counter.
fax. etc.
you really need to know how to be a multi-tasker. Teller- the teller has to run reposts on the money the bank has in the vault everyday. they have to count the money at the end of each day. They have to be responsible. they have to be nice and reasonible with the clients. Manager- the manager has to make sure the apperance of the landscape and building is inviting. that everything in the buildingis up and working correctly. that everyone is doing there job. She or he takes care of the loans and over drawn or over due funds. coustomer service- they answer most of the calls and helps and helps any clients with any problems they have or concerns they may have. My day at the bank was different. i didnt know i could learn so much in one day. the day was great.
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