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Deliverable 1--The Market of Bluetooth Beacons

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Junya Sun

on 25 October 2013

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Transcript of Deliverable 1--The Market of Bluetooth Beacons

Deliverable 1
The Market of Bluetooth Beacons

2. GTM
(Go-to-Market Strategy)
Currents Apps SWOT Analysis
Paypal beacon
Cross Comparisons
6. Research & Curiosity
Indoor navigating
Parking lot
Digital museum tour
Help blind by voice navigating
Track medical and health information & fitness
Smarter home

Junya (Sunny) Sun
Lulu Xu
Xiaotong Sun
Jingtian Peng

3.2 Integrators
An Indoor positioning sys of Apple Inc.
Low-powered, low-cost transmitters on iOS 7 devices.
Can also be used by the Android OS.
Compatible with other applications.
PayPal beacon
Adds-on BLE function in PayPal app.
Vibration or sound on phone to insure checking in.
Transaction is automatically completed: no cash, cards, taps, or signatures required—all hands free.
Top 3 local business mobile search is clothing & accessories stores.
Large percentage using consumer ratings/reviews in jewelry, clothing & accessories store.
1.1 Potential Market
1. Market Size of Bluetooth Beacons
U.S population (age 13+):
Smartphone owners(age 13+): 60.8%~
million use mobile phones to interact with local business content
in consumer ratings & online discounts
million: potential Bluetooth Beacon App related customers
1.2 Market Size in U.S.(Customer base)
Smartphone shipments in U.S:
137.5 million in 2013
million in 2017: equipped with BLE
# of Beacons needed
1.2 Market Size in U.S.(Shipments)
3. BLE Key Players
Industry Player
Financial Player
3.1 Key Industry Players
Paypal Beacon is developed by Paypal.
iBeacon is developed by Apple.
3.3 Key financial players
Cross Comparisons
5. Apple iBeacon
Competitive Technologies
iPhone: receiver, transmitter of BLE signals, iBeacon
iPhone is able to pick up the iBeacon transmissions & locate it with a high degree of accuracy. (ex. iBeacon-equipped underground parking garage)
Personalized offers: a member of loyalty program
Help the visually impaired people & public transportation systems
Other interesting ideas: tracking scuba dives, finding lost items, and turning iPhone in to a remote control
Get a request on the phone for payment: use your fingerprint and/or a PIN to authorize payment on one of your preloaded cards and receive your receipt electronically.
The Macy's in NYC: 20,000 sqm
BLE Beacon’s range is 50 meters/2,500 square meters.
Recommended range is 10 meters/100 sqm.
Only 200 BLE Beacon in biggest department store.
Cost only about $6700 compare to $100,000 using NFC.

5 question to be answered:
WHERE to sell products ?
- Online store

- Experience center

HOW to promote products ?
1. Advertisements

2. Tech events(WWDC,CES,etc)

3.Sample to store

4. Social media

How about the price?

$99/3 beacon (Estimote Beacons)
$10/month (Roximity Beacons)
In the future: free beacon, charge for service.
Much affordable than NFC
WHO will be target consumer ?

Sources: IDC
Thank You!
Junya (Sunny) Sun
Lulu Xu
Xiaotong Sun
Jingtian Peng
- Signal interference and confusion

- Security and privacy
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