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Leader in Me- Jefferson

No description

Jodi Lemaster

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Leader in Me- Jefferson

Data Notebooks
What do we need to do?
Steven Covey
The Leader in Me!
How can Jefferson staff and students grow through the use of the
7 Habits??

Student Leadership
Scioto Ridge created Student Leadership Groups- all students K-5 were in a group of interest to them that performs services for the school. At least one Friday a month they meet to work in their groups to better their school.
Teachers are facilitate the groups, but students are the leaders. Using the Leader in Me allows for students
We CAN do this!
If you are curious about how Jefferson can use The Leader in Me to build our school into a community-start by reading The Leader in Me this summer.
Pinterest is a great resource for Leader in Me 7 Habit posters, etc...check that out over summer.
The Jefferson Shared drive has a Leader in Me folder with all of the resources from Scioto Ridge, including Data Binder information and bulletin board ideas.
Common language allows students of all ages to work through issues
Behaviors are in check because students have ownership in building
Problem solving skills are improved which is a 21st century learning skill important in the workplace of the future
Common Core standards are easily implemented using the 7 Habits
OTES benefits such as utilizing parent and community volunteers to be a part of Student Leadership and in the classroom
The best part of seeing The Leader in Me in action at Scioto Ridge was watching the interactions between the staff and students! Everyone was on board with this program. Common language brought about common bonds between grade levels with both staff and students. Everyone was a part of the program no matter what their role was in the school.
7 Habits
STAR (Students Taking Academic Responsiblity)
are kept by all students.
Depending on the grade of the student, they may take these home weekly as a communication binder for primary grades, or quarterly as a conference tool in intermediate grades.
What is the
Leader in Me?
This won't happen overnight!


Right now~ Some teachers can begin by reading The Leader in Me.
This will help to explain the 7 Habits. We will need to start using the common language of the 7 Habits to build these skills with the students.
2013-14 School year~Some teachers will be implementing DATA Notebooks with their students and introducing this concept to parents.

Over time~all staff, parents, and students will be involved in learning the Habits of being positive, effective members of Jefferson.
Students lead
Review Sessions
Recognition of
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