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How did Greek art influence modern art today?

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Ashley Suchy

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of How did Greek art influence modern art today?

How did Greek art influence modern art today?
~The art of Archaic Greece featured a lot of abstract, geometric artwork.

- The greeks created sculptures called Kouroi which were men and Korai which were women.
-it began with elements from other civilizations coming into their art.
-they started to depict realistic humans in their sculpture
~This period started during the Golden Age, in the time of Alexander the great.

*sculpture- Greek artists began to sculpt more relaxed people and even start to make them do actions. (think--the statues of Zeus and Athena)

The art of ancient Greece has hugely effected the art of many other countries from a long time ago to today in many ways.
Sculpture Origins
A lot of sculptures are based off of ideas...
-Some tell us a story about Greek culture
-Some are based off of people that they have conquered
-Some are of gods or heroes

Examples of Greek Sculpture
The Parthenon
~The Hellenistic period featured a large connection to the artists emotions.

*sculpture- Around this time the greeks started to sculpt the people that they had conquered. Their work was starting to be influenced by culture.
-this art had story based themes, violence, and a lack of colors.

3 Distinctions of Greek Art
*Archaic Period

*Classical Period

*Hellenistic Period

In Greece, various materials were used to create art.
-clay (only sometimes as it was brittle)
(700 - 480 BC)
(480 - 323 BC)
(323 – 31 BC)
The work of Ancient Greece influenced the world in many ways. it introduced detail to sculpture. It introduced pattern to pottery, and it made the base for the materials that we use.
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