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Compare and Contrast

4th Grade

kayon opie

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast

Reading 4th Grade
March 9, 2014

Quick Questions:
Compare and Contrast
1.Precipitation, such as rain and snow, falls from the sky.
2.The dreary weather put me in a gloomy mood.
3.The rickety bridge was hazardous for cars driving over it each day.

List the five components of the Plot Diagram
Same and Different

Compare and Contrast

How something is the same or similar

How are a pencil and a piece of chalk the same?

Comparison Signal Words
as well as
How some things are different

How are a chalk and a pencil different?

Contrast Signal Words
on the other hand
Venn Diagram
Give the meaning of the words in red
write on paper
Uses lead
Black Marks
Writes on blackboard
White or color marks
Used to write
Same shape
Comparing & Contrasting
Reading a paragraph about two or more things can be confusing.
the same and how they are different.
You can sort out the information by looking to see how they are
Doing this can help you understand what you are reading
The great white shark lives in the deep, cold seas. It will attack large animals such as sea lions. The bull shark lives mostly in shallow waters. It is sometimes found in rivers. These sharks are both very good swimmers and hunters.
Both kinds of sharks have lots of teeth.
Sharks is comparing and contrasting:
The Great White
Bull Shark
Venn Diagram
Great White
Bull Shark
Deep, cold Sea
Shallow waters
Very good swimmers

Lots of teeth
Fox Facts
An animal’s home often affects how that animal looks. A fox that lives in the cold Arctic has thick fur. The fur of the Arctic fox is reddish brown in summer but white in winter. A kit fox lives in the desert. There the temperatures are much warmer. The kit fox stays the same brown color all year. It has bigger ears than an Arctic fox. Both kinds of foxed hunt small animals.

How are the foxes different?
How are the foxes alike?
Fox Facts:
Lets Discuss
Joe and Pam are friends at school. Joe eats pizza and plays tag. Joe also wears a baseball hat and likes to read. He is in boy scouts. Pam roller-skates while wearing her new belt. In her spare time, she loves to write. Pam plays golf and enjoys eating subs. Both Joe and Pam love school. Pam are alike and different in many ways.
Use the following selections to complete Venn diagrams that I will hand out. We will correct them in whole class.
Venn Diagram
In common
Independent or Pair Work

Compare and Contrast
I will practice applying the definition of compare and contrast to reading examples.
Interesting Idea: Compare and Contrast the two Islands
Fresh Water or Salt Water?
Water covers more than 70 percent of the Earth's surface. Oceans and seas contain salt water and are called salt water ecosystems. The oceans are the Earth's largest ecosystems. Fresh water is water that has very little salt in it. Lakes, rivers, ponds, streams and marshes are freshwater ecosystems.
There are many different saltwater ecosystems because the saltwater is not the same everywhere. Ocean water that is near the shore or at the surface is often warmer than deep water in the ocean. Many plants and animals live in this warm shallow water. In the deeper parts of the ocean, the water is much colder and there is very little sunlight. This part of the ocean has very little plant life and very few fish.
Like the saltwater ecosystem, not all freshwater ecosystems are the same. Rivers and streams have moving water. How fast the water moves determines what can survive in the water. Many plants and animals live in rivers and streams. The water in lakes and ponds is still. Lakes are usually deeper and the water temperature depends on how deep the lake is.
Like the ocean most animals and plants live in the shallow water. Fewer plants and animals live near the bottom of a lake because it is too deep for sunlight to reach the bottom.
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