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A Softer World: Art and misanthropy

Spotlight on the art of Joey Comeau and Emily Horne, featured in their webcomic "A Softer World".

Zoe Beaumont

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of A Softer World: Art and misanthropy

subverting the 'Sunday funnies' form with snark and dark humour. While text is initially the focus of each strip, Horne's photography is equally as important. Horne treats each strip as a triptych. She either uses cropping and focal techniques to manipulate a single image in each frame... ... or uses all three frames to create a landscaped image. A Softer World can be deliciously edgy, Or darkly humorous, and always, always entertaining. Comeau and Horne use photographs overlaid with subversive or ironic text, reminiscent of artists such as Barbara Kruger, while a three-frame execution allows the artists to maintain
the look and timing of
a strip comic. A Softer World A Softer World is an art project / web comic created and published by Joey Comeau and Emily Horne. + = Sometimes A Softer World designs are sad or hard-hitting... ... and sometimes they are ridiculously quirky. Comeau is best at utilising three frames for surprising, and often baffling twists. Very rarely will A Softer World release larger / longer prints. Barbara Kruger Comeau and Horne make no apologies and no explanations.
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