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the sulcher

No description

Mr. Stack

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of the sulcher

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what is the sulcher?
the sulcher is a hybrid of a camel, thorny Devil and a vulture.
desert biome
.a desert in New Mexico has white sand.
.a desert can get up to 136 degrease high.
.most desert have all sand.
.the desert is always hot and dry at day time
.at night, desert heat drops at night

my animal has humps so it can store water in its humps under its stomach. it also has spikes so if something attacks it hurts the attacker instead of my animal. lastly it can run and fly faster then anything.
the desert biome is a very hot and dry place at day and cold at night. it has lots of sand and has allot of sand dunes.
5 cool facts
thank you for listing
to my Prezi!
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