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Influences of Modern Technology on the Delevopment of Children.

By Ryan Baan HSP 3M Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ryan Baan

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Influences of Modern Technology on the Delevopment of Children.

By Ryan Baan Effects of Modern Technology On the Development Of Children Education & Learning Process of the Child Increasing Virtual Social Life, but Decreasing Physical Social Life Modern Technology Everywhere We use it everyday Computers Television Mobile Devices Tablets Music Players Video Games Internet It surrounds us Developed to a state that may not even seem possible 20 years ago. Many of us could say that it controls our lives and we could not live with out such technologies. Is our dependance on such technologies affecting our development and the development of other children? How? And if so, Three main areas of life that modern technology has a major impact on... Education Social Life Adulthood Impact on... What will they be in the future distractions of technology, children are unable to learn. teaching is developing around new technologies creating new ways to learn... but being used to these technologies, children are used to multitasking with them and cant focus in class. Children just are not learning the same Social media is increasing the communication with friends making new friends online creating a global village constantly in touch with one another always up-to-date not getting out as much anymore Vancouver Sun reports that attendance in organized sports is down obesity rates are up not as active not seeing friends face-to-face anymore there isn't the need for them to leave the house anymore easy access to everything (learn, shop, entertain on the internet) lessening communication, people, and language skills, lowering their self esteem why leave home anymore? Harmful for the rest of their lives. technology controlling lives of children and teens. they're not learning or communicating properly damaging the skills the need in life to be successful their communication and people skills will influence who they are as an employee as a parent as a role model as a community member how teens are living today with this modern technology that make life enjoyable, they are not being prepared for what is ahead of them in life. not PHYSICALLY experiencing things; virtually, yes relying on technology for the answer for everything. but in reality, technology doesn't answer everything. Teens are just not prepared makes life easier more enjoyable and pleasant creating jobs making money for lots of businesses keeps economy going new discoveries ability to do the unimaginable Technology is good saving lives keeping everyone in touch and informed global connections Conclusion All in all, its clear as to why modern technology has a negative influence on the development of children. Education Social Life Adulthood technology is good, in low doses that are not damaging to the user. this issue needs to be taken into huge consideration. it may seem useless to pay attention to the affects of modern technology. but it is affecting all of us, and who we are, and how we have developed. if technology continues to control us... what will become of us? KILL WILL IT US ?
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