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No description

Victoria S.

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Model

Education Responsibilities Colleges Salary Range ABOUT THE CAREER CAREER OUTLOOK Whats The Future For This Career In 10 Years? Where In The U.S.&&The World Will This Career Be In The Highest Demand? TECHNOLOGY What Type Of Computer Applications Are They Developing, Or Using On A Daily Basis? CUSTOMERS Who Are The Customers This Career Deals With? How Does This Career Work With Other Businesses? SCIENCE&&MATH What Problems Are Being Solved In This Career? How Is Math Used In This Career? WRITTEN&&VERBAL COMMUNICATIONS What Type Of Communication Skill Are Important In Working In Teams; Dealing With Customers? Model PICTURES!! PICTURES!! -New To Modeling $500-$5,000 -Well Established Models $10,000+ Online Courses
Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illionis, Michigan, Missuri, Nevada, Orgeon, Pennsivania, Tennesee, Texas, Washingon; London Fashion Design Schools Fashion Degree -Professional Photographer Fashion Model
$500,000+ -Fashion Runway Model
$30,000-$60,00/A Year You Don't Really Need Any Degree To Be A Model, But You Do Need To Have The "Features". The Right Height, Confidence; Possitive Attitude. Face To Face, B2B, Being Able To Talk In Front Of A Group Of People. By Using Other Models, Photographers, Fashion Buyers, Fashion Coordinator, Retail Merchandiser, Visual Merchandiser, Retail Store Manager, Boutiqe Owner Boutiqe Owners, Fashion Designer Managers; Anyone Who Is Intrested In Being A Model. They Use Computers To Look At The Models Pictures, To Curtiqe or Fix What Ever Mistakes They Make In Their Pictures. None. None. Being On Time!!!
Being Respectful To Important Fashion Desginers And Other People This Career Will Have More People Wanting To Be A Model. A Bigger/ Well Known Industry For All Types Of People To Join; Be A Part Of.
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