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AISI Final

Remembering and Understanding

Linda Coutts

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of AISI Final

AISI Project:
To engage in "real world" tasks that require higher level thinking skills. Remembering
Understanding Define List/Name Memorize Locate/Find Reproduce Can the students recall or remember the information. Identify How the human ear senses vibration. Identify the sample space in a probabilty experiment. 3.13 Where on the map/globe are Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine, and India in relation to Canada? The student is able to explain concepts/ideas taught. Explaining A number times three eqauls 12
3x = 12 Restate information in own words.
Students highlight key words and main ideas for study and review 20-A2.2K Explain water's primary role in biochemical cycles considering the chemical and pyhsical properties Translate between an oral or written expression and an equivalent algebraic expression Identify Gr.3 4.2 Identify the correct subject verb agreement and use in own writing
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