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Food waste treatment in Hong Kong

biol students

Sausage Chung

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Food waste treatment in Hong Kong

Lam Hoi Tung
Tse Hau Man
Chung Sin Ting
Chung Cheuk Yan Food waste management in Hong Kong
Anaerobic Digestion Service Description: Background
1. ~ 3,200 tons/d food waste
2. 1/3 of from commercial and industry sector (C&I)
3. Food waste from C&I sectors has been increasing, from 400 tons in 2002 to 840 tons in 2010
4. Reduce the landfill space requirement Service description Our business aims
1. Treating food waste by anearobic digestion
2. Sell biogas and digestate to market
3. Reduce mass and volume of waste materials
4. Reduce high pollution risk left by organic waste Financial Analysis Operating costs for anaerobic digestion facilities
between $77 and $140 per metric tons of capacity
case review from Canada
How much reward we can gain from this business?
profits from selling of compost or digestates
electricity generation from biogas may significantly contribute to profit and cover the treatment costs Food Waste Treatment Processes

Raw materials
-Collected from the Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants
and Related Trades, Hong Kong Hotels Association, etc.
Attraction Strategy: Discount/Exchange

-Biogas (methane in biogas )
Clean and can produce heat and electricity
-Digestate (Fertilizers eg. nitrate)
Provide nutrients for plants

Farm and electricity suppliers Marketing and Strategy THANK YOU!
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