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What's a...furry?

What is and what isn't furry

Francesco Paolini

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of What's a...furry?

What the hell is a furry? Furry is a fandom on anthropomorphic animals
Anthropomorphic means something
that has things like human (bipedalism,
talking, intelligence and so on)
A synonym of furry (used generally for art) is
anthro. So, if you want to find some furry images, you should write Anthro. If you prefer other works (like comics) you should write furry. What furry is not (stereotypes and lies) Probably you have already heard about furry. Unfortunately, furry fandom is very often mistaken: it is called a system for free porn, and exhibitionism. Sometimes it's called an "art". All these three things are all false!
In fact, there's a lot of prejudice and anti-furry people that try to misinform people (like parents) and make furry look as a perversion. Obv, it is not.
Now, I (that I'm a furrist, aka a person who likes furry art but it isn't furry at the bone) will explain what furry really is. Furry supports free porn Furry doesn't support free porn. There isn't neither an erotic art.
the objects of the furry fandom is working anthro animals. Stop. There isn't neither a support of feticism or other.
On the other hand, that's right that some furry stuff isn't for general audience. But, if you see, is the same of the other fandom: harry potter, hetalia, the professor Layton are examples. Furry is exhibitionism Some furry people wear fursuit and go round city. This is
a fact. But not ALL furry people do it. There are also furry
people who draw furry images, furry people who write stories, furry people who make clothes and so on.
From this point of view, furry fandom isn't an exhibitionist thing; it's a fandom like (as I said before) the others Furry is an art. I said something first. Furry isn't only art: it's also writing, making clothes. Someone thinks furry as a life style. That's true too. Someone thinks to be a lion or other. But (I will never be tired of saying) that it's only a part of furry, like furry art or wearing fursuites. Concept of fursona Fursona is an "animal version" of the furry fan.
Generally, it's used only by artists, but it's actually for all.
Not necessarily, a fursona has to be the animal who represents the person or has to be similar by him/her.
To give an example, my (possible) fursona is a wolf but I'm not shy like a wolf (from this point of view, I'm more a beagle) and I'm not thin (I look like a bear also for body hair). Furry websites Furry Italia is a forum/website with a lot of art
stuff and an interesting forum. Furry mania is a website about searching
furry stuff (like stories, films and so).
It also have a forum Furaffinity is a web gallery of
furry works, some very nice. some
furry (anthro)
images I hope that you enjoy my work.
Bye! See you later! furry explained by a
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