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No description

Tiana Supannopaj

on 24 August 2015

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Transcript of MKTG 522 TOMS IMC

IMC Objectives
Macro Environment
Segmentation & Targeting
Products & Services
SWOT Analysis
One for One Contest
Create matching shoes with canvas bags submitted to TOMS.com

The winner selected by TOMS will be awarded $1,000 gift card for TOMS products

Selected shoes and bags will be donated to children in need.
Communication Strategy
Political & Legal:
- Negative impact of giving away free stuff
- Tax rate and income
- TOMS' 1.9 million Facebook followers with majority of females age between twenties located in metropolitan areas
Social & Cultural:
- Social-responsibility-based marketing
- Social Media based advertising platform
- Great company history
- One-for-one strategy
- Social Responsibility
- Expansion of competitors
- International politics and laws transparency
- Bias toward donation
- Costs of materials fluctuate
- Not a well-known product
- Products are not durable
- Limited product lines
- Limited retail stores
- Large potential target
- Expansion of product lines under one-for-one strategy
- Rise in environmental concern
- Metropolitan Areas
- Globally
- Males and Females
- Primary: 12 to 35 years old
- Secondary: 36 to 65 years old
- High school and college degree
- Middle class
- Involved in Social causes
- Arts and Music
- Into fashion
- Environmental concern
- Online shopping
Big Idea is to build brand awareness by:
- adding more collections and styles
- creating new promotions: make your new design of shoes yourself and other in need (add $1)
Media Plan
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- TOMS' website
- Billboard
- Cinema
Public Relations
Community Relations
- Brand identity and the principle objectives of the campaign

- Attract new customers

- Retain existing customers

- Branding objectives

- Marketing and corporate objectives
Company: Tom Shoes Inc. (TOMS)

Founder: Blake Mycoskie

Founded: 2006

Overview and Company Background

Business Model: "One for One"
MKTG 522 Marketing Management
Professor Dr. Mark Ogutu PhD
Executive Summary
Blake Mycoskie

It's more than just buying a pair of shoes.
It's a lifestyle.
Public Relations
Public Relations
Product Public Relations
Financial Relations
Government Relations
Communication Schedule
As TOMS climbs the mountain in from of them, they will celebrate their success while eying the next peak in the distance.
Estimated Budget & Evaluation
The estimated cost of new TOMS store open
The future of TOMS looks bright. The excitement over TOMS charity and brilliant marketing strategies demonstrates that customers remain enthusiastic about the "One for One" business model.
Group A
Ryan Mootoo
Chaipat Tongrut
Lana Williams
Orawan Tantiphan
Thiensawang Supannopaj
August 26, 2015
Encourage other businesses to focus on Social Responsibility
Giving Shoes
Giving Sight
Giving Water
Giving Safe Birth
Giving Kindness
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