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is WebRTC the beginning of an exclusively Internet delivered comms landscape?

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rob pickering

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of is WebRTC the beginning of an exclusively Internet delivered comms landscape?

With universal plumbing and accessibility from all devices on the Internet.

Will WebRTC enable an exclusively Internet delivered comms landscape?
A smart way of delivering multi-media real time comms across the Internet to any end-point.

transparent end to end network connectivity
good hardware support on
universal support in browsers
universal API support on other platforms
an application itself
an application framework
a new network.
Universal plumbing is important
Frees up application developers to think cleanly how to communicate in the most appropriate way.
Can stop thinking exclusively of "calls" or "video" or "chat".
Not stuck with initiating communication using a single identifier, directory, or even namespace (good and a bad thing).

Predicate is that nearly all communication is in the context of functional tasks or closed communities, so we really don't need any universal communication or ability to reach-out using so-called free communication.

Idea is you go to a web page or app about widgets (or filing expenses claims!), and from there communicate with other people about widgets (or expenses claims).

Proponents believe all communication will in future take place this way as it is far more efficient for the individual.

Poster child for this world view is Facebook Messenger but...
What kind of models win out?
Sidenote: Internet land vs Telco land
No longer any debate, Internet "industry" owns value added application space

= Agile, rich application environment
= Commodity pipes for Internet and voice comms of last resort
Metcalfe's law
The value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system
v = n

Fring: $50m (reported: Reuters)
WhatsApp: $22bn
Later estimated closer to

v = n
for social networks, but this isn't a maths lecture!
Types of communication
Free communication
: what we do today when we dial a number, text someone, or interact on a general chat site.
Contextual communication:
Sales person initiating contact within their working environment, migrating between media streams to suit the circumstances.
Contextual means going to where users are and enabling the right kind of communication there.

Use asynchronous communication first, escalate to synchronous by consent.

Only go straight to synchronous when it is actually necessary.

Synchronous vs Asynchronous
Phone: very synchronous - incredibly expensive to answer especially where this isn't needed.
Chat: fairly asynchronous.
Email: asynchronous and lossy.

W3C WebRTC: Real-time Communication Between Browsers - defines web APIs used by app developers.
rtcweb working group: Real-time Communication in WEB-browsers - defines formats, architecture and how it works on the wire.
development project: First implementation of both the above as an Open Source codebase most actively in Chrome browser.
Three co-operating activities
CRM integration, click to dial, screen pop.

Enables sort of "contextual communication" for sales person, but pretty rubbish experience for both them and customer.
Exclusively Internet UC in 2015
Sign everyone up for Google Apps
Sign everyone up for Slack
Choose a conferencing service (skype, hangouts, appear.in etc)

Job done?

Not quite!

Great if your business model is talking to yourself, or you communicate exclusively in sophisticated technology communities!

Most organisations need an approach that is going to work for a while with current real world external communication systems.
What WebRTC is
What WebRTC isn't
: WebRTC is
really good

forcing them
context and then offering them half of the mechanisms they want.
Real world progression
Rob Pickering
@ipcortex, @robinjpickering

Meet keevio or find out a bit more about what we do on stand J904 or go to
Will WebRTC enable an exclusively Internet delivered comms landscape?
Yes it will
, but we still need to communicate with
our contacts in the meantime.
That should not stop us getting started!
development project: Independent implementation targeted at non-browser environments sponsored by Ericsson.
Nearly unlimited potential
Credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi @tsahil
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