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Ghost Adventures

awesomest show ever!!!!

Beka Gaglione

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Ghost Adventures

GHOST ADVENTURES Best Show in history Zak Bagans He was born April 5th 1997 in Washington DC He is the lead investigator of Ghost Adventures! Nick Groff He is the Co-Investigator of Ghost Adventures Nick was born on April 19th 1980 in San Jose
California Zak was the wedding DJ at Nick's Wedding
and that's how they met Zak was a wedding Dj before he was a Paranormal Investigator He is a paranormal Investigator and the equipment tech for Ghost Adventures Aaron Goodwin Aaron was born on April 1st 1976 in Portland Oregon Aaron also makes vlogs called Aaron's Vlogs when they are not filming Zak's Possessions and Scratches Zak's has been scratched on his back at Bobby Mackey's and has been possessed twice. Provoglia and Preston Castle is were he was possessed Nick has been possessed once at Moon River Brewing Company and has never been scratched Nick's Possessions and Scratches Aaron has never got possessed but he has been scratched on the leg Aaron's Possessions and Scratches We all know for some of us that Ghost Adventures might be scary but they have had their funny moments:) Ghost Adventures Funny Moments We all remember the times when they got scared and mabey even wet their pants a little:) Ghost Adventures Scariest Moments They have caught a lot of evidence so far on the show and if your wondering if they edited it, they did not this is all true. Best Evidence they have caught Ghost Adventures Quotes Aaron: "Dude,one thing that guy said is you don't taunt the voodoo!" Zak: "Am I taunting?" Aaron:"Dude,your taunting the crap out of it!" "I discovered that what most people call creepy,scary,and spooky I call comfy,cozy,home"-Zak Bagans "I want my Shmore."-Nick Groff "Dude it's sand,why would they put sand on a hill?"-Aaron Goodwin
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