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DECO3500 Presentation

Design Proposal of our Mobile app

Hans Einner Barroga

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of DECO3500 Presentation

jinx by
iLL Designs contributes
to the world Design Solution
Walkthrough Implementation Project Breakdown
Risk Management Development Skeleton of the whole application Design & Testing (pre) Technicalities of pre and post game Filter designs Develop paper prototypes User testing pre game Whatever happened to being active and playing outside? enjoyable changes
lifestyles becomes
part of the
status quo something
unique positive
impact + Our goals engaging
experience + clear vision & direction Development user-centered
design Redefine design
Navigation of application development smart &
efficient Design & Testing (post) Redefine designs Paper Prototype User Testing Development & Implementation Back-end Development sessions
server-side Front-end development User Testing of
High Fidelity Prototype Design & Testing Develop High Fedility Prototype User Test Pre & Post Design Documentation WEEK 6, 7 & 8 WEEK 9 & 10 WEEK 11 WEEK 12 - 13 Project Challenges Risk Management User Testing Process Working Back-end Functionalities Wide Demographic & Their Adoption Process Adoption Process User Testing Redesign User Identification unseen ID Front-end Back-end limitations
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