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No description

Fatima Malik

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Adjectives

Adjectives can differ.

Adjectives as Heads in Noun Groups.
Adjectives and the Adjective Group
By: hadil, fatima & zehra

10.5 How Adjective Groups function in sentences
Pre-Modifiers in front of Nouns (NG).
Ex: "A
good mood"

Subject Complement (SC) after linking verbs.
Ex: "they are
completely stupid"

Attributive use. ("a nice day")
Predicative use. ("the three is big")
Foam & meaning
1. Generic referenc
2. Specific reference
Puzzle game:
The pupils pair up, and are provided word cards and pictures to match up.
Example: Red as a word and a red card to match it.
10.4 The structure


Particular problems concerning:
3. Object Complement (OC).
ex: "they made him

4. Heads (H) in Noun Groups.
ex: "Harry Potter went into
the unknown
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