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No description

Disha Patel

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Unicef

Unicef Unicef is a organization, that helps kids all over the world, it helps to change lives of children. Unicef stands for, United Nations
Children's Fund. Unicef 's total income for 2006 was $2,781,000,000.
contributions from governments and private donors Unicef was awarded the noble peace
prize award in 1965. More then 200 countries help, and contribut
to unicef by giving food, health care and money
when needed. 124 countries help 90 countries don't
(blue means help yellow means don't). Unicef gives to children all over the world
supplies for school, this money is raised in schools all over the world. In schools children raise money who ever raises the most money gets something, they use that money and get kids things like pencils, sharpners, black broads and markers. How Does Unicef Connect To Canada Canada is sending christmas cards to people in canada to, ask them to donate. As well if you purchase one is $1.50 which is alot of money to them $1.50 can help vaccinate 50 kids. Canada is providing, a school education for kids in unicef.
Not just for that as well as, jobs for teachers who need it. Canada also does a fund raiser in schools, even in yours, what they do is they ask you to tell your family and friends to donate money to unicef. That money the goverment, gives it to Unicef, which uses the money to buy school materials, food and shelter. Their is a T.V show called 1 net 10 bucks, provided by Canada which it is a fund raiser/ T.V show, that helps unicef by stop the spread of malaria. That buys bednets for $10 which can protect one child from getting bitten by mosquitos for 5 years. 1 net 10 buck is a comedy show, owned by Rick Mercers which is a world leading economist and global anti-poverty, which decided to give partner ship to Unicef. What Would Happen If Unicef Wasn't Created Kids wouldn't have food, shelter and fresh water to drink,
more kids would die of diseases then ever. More countries,
would be suffering from basic needs. They wouldn't have food. Wouldn't have health care Wouldn't have shelter Wouldn't be able to go to school Now what would happen if canada didn't help Unicef Then they wouldn't have gotten $132 million dollars to help kids. If it wasn't for canada, then trick-or- treat for unicef wouldn't have been created, and do you know alot of kids are getting help because of, trick -or-treat for unicef over 5 million kids are getting help from it. Thank You For Watching by: Disha & Jumanah
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