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The basics of American Football

No description

Alex Grodner

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of The basics of American Football

The basics of American Football
100 yards (300 feet) long
53.3 yards (160 feet) wide
10 yards * 53.3 yards
Used for field goals (3 points) and extra points (1 point after touchdown)
Crossbar is 10 feet high
Uprights are 18.5 feet apart
Basic rules
There are 4 15 minute long quarters
Offense- has possession of the football
Defense- stops the other team from moving the football
Special teams- kicks the football
4 downs to either score points or get a first down (10 yards)
6 points for a touchdown
1 point for kicking an extra point
Option to go for 2 points
3 points for a field goal
3 time outs are allowed to be used by each team per each half of a game
Football levels
High school
College (NCAA)
Professional (NFL)

Differences between NFL and college
Size of football is different
Playoffs in NFL, bowls in college
Catching balls in bounds
Overtime rules
Clock stops on 1st downs in NFL, not in college
Penalty for pass interference
Coaches can challenge calls in NFL
Celebration rules are more strict in college
Players are legally paid in NFL
In NFL players are down by contact
Ties in NFL, not in college
2 minute warning in NFL (time out)
Game clock continues after 1st down in NFL
Pass interference is a spot foul in NFL, 15 yards in college
Hot topics in college football
Prevent head injuries
BCS to playoff
Paying players
Started in 1963
Variety of formats
Increased Spectatorship
Over 25 million play
Over 2 billion per year
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