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Traditional Inuit way of life was influenced by the harsh cl

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Nathan Thorn

on 22 June 2017

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Transcript of Traditional Inuit way of life was influenced by the harsh cl

Social organization Inuit
Because the Inuit resides in cold, arctic regions, they relied on animal skin, driftwood, and bones as their few resources. They made some of their tools out of soapstone and used the ivory tusks of walruses as knives.
Imported/Natural resources Inuit
In the tundra, where Inuit communities are found, there are not many building materials. No trees grow in the tundra so houses cannot be made from wood unless it is transported from elsewhere. However, during a large part of the year, the cold part, there is a lot of snow in the tundra. And it turns out that snow can be a very good construction material. In the winter, Inuit lived in round houses made from blocks of snow called "igloos". In the summer, when the snow melted, Inuit lived in tent-like huts made of animal skins stretched over a frame. Although most Inuit people today live in the same community year-round, and live in homes built of other construction materials that have to be imported, in the past Inuit would migrate between a summer and winter camp which was shared by several families.
Shelter/Transportation inuit
The Inuit peoples of the Arctic region had only sporadic encounters with Europeans. The earliest Europeans to reach the Arctic were the Norse, who arrived via Greenland. The story of the first encounter was told the European explorer Knut Rasmussen during his expedition of 1921-1924. It is believed that the encounter was with either Erebus or The Terror, the two ships commanded by Sir John Franklin during 1845-1857 on his expedition to find the Northwest Passage. This is an example of how historians utilize Inuit oral tradition to fill gaps in European historical record, and also gain a different perspective of the past.
First contact with Europe Inuit
Traditional Inuit way of life was influenced by the harsh climate and stark landscapes of the Arctic tundra – from beliefs inspired by stories of the aurora to practicalities like homes made of snow. Inuit invented tools, gear, and methods to help them survive in this environment.
Life-style Inuit
The Inuit and the People of The Northwest coast
Inuit’s would live in small groups or bands which consisted of families and friends a child would usually be put in the same band as his family, unless he needed a special lesson his band could not teach. there was technically no "chain of command" however a skilled hunter might be considered a "leader". There were no punishment for disobeying a leader. In bands, men would usually hunt and women often made clothing.
The first settlement for the Northwest people was about 14,000 years ago after the first ice age. Back then they would assign roles for men and women, men would hunt and build, women would forage for berries and shell fish. The most important resource to them was salmon.
Life Style of the
Northwest People
The Europeans first made contact with the People of the Northwest Coast in the 18th century arriving in boat. They came for new trading partners and new materials, but left something behind, a major case of small pox ending many lives.
Northwest Peoples First Contact with Europe

Creations of the Northwest People
They made many creation out of wood,
things like tools, shelter, transportation devices and more. Cedar was used to make thing like bowls, eating trays, masks and canoes.
Imported and Natural resources
of the Northwest Coast
As stated before salmon is one of their most valuable resources alongside cedar wood which was used to make many of their wooden structures. They had clam, berries and shellfish that women dug and the men would hunt for meat
Social Organization of the Northwest Coast
The People of the Northwest Coast never developed a solid democracy, the wealthiest man would have the majority of the power and become chief of the clan. Chief distributed wealth amongst the clan.
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