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Charles Herndon

on 3 December 2014

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The rules!!
The field
The length of a football is 100yds but if you count the end zones its 120yds the width is 53 and a half yards.
How it was first made
Football was technically founded by England in the early 1800's when seven schools were playing the same sport and they had the first football game. it was similar to rugby but it had its differences.
Famous stadiums
These are the 2 top ranked fields in the country ranked 1 is the lambeau field 2 CenturyLink field.
Famous players
Walter Payton: 16726 rushing yards and plays for the Chicago bears.

Payton manning: QB for the Broncos

Tom brady: QB for the New England Patriots
The football its self
the football ways about 15 ounces and is made out of leather
The history of football goes all the way back to the year of 1567 but it acctually started off as rugby.
History Football
The coin toss - before the game begins, the referee and team captains get together for a good old-fashioned coin toss, with the visiting team calling heads or tails. Winner gets to choose either to have his team start the game with the ball in their possession (receiving the kickoff) or picking which end of the field he wants for his team's 'territory.' The latter may not sound like a big deal, but sometimes having the sun in your face or the wind at your back can make a difference. In any event, the positions are reversed before the start of the third quarter (aka the beginning of the second half), and the ends of the field being defended are traded at the end of each quarter.

The kickoff - yes, a football game really does start with an actual kickoff. The football is kicked by the defense to the offense to start the action at the beginning of the game, at the beginning of the second half of the game, and after points have been scored.
Tom Brady
Walter Payton
most penalties by team
the most penalties in a game goes to the cowboys when they played against Denver with a total of 12 penalties
Most yds in a game of 2014.
the most yds in a game goes to Adrian peterson with 296 yards.
most interceptions in game
goes to DY detmer with 7
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