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Molly Sherman's Weather Data Project

No description

Molly Sherman

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Molly Sherman's Weather Data Project

How does precipitation in Crescent City, CA compare to the precipitation in _____________________

(Your city and state)
for the month of _____________________?

(Chosen month and year)
Key Question
Key Terms from Article
Definition and Examples

Definition and Examples

Definition and Examples
Data Table
Article Review
Title of Article
Period Number
Molly Sherman's Weather Data Project
*Feel free to add images or other graphics to make this slide more interesting.
Summary of article in one paragraph. What is the topic? What about this aricle caused you to be interested in the weather of this area?
**Feel free to add images here as well.
Data Chart
Reflection on Spreadsheet
This will be a list of all the resources you used to create your Prezi. The ones I have listed are the minimum!
Author Last Name, First Initial. (Year Published).
Title of article with only the first word capitalized
. Title of Publication with All Important Words Capitalized. Retrieved from the URL you wrote on your paper typed here.
Name of website where you got your weather data with All Imporant Words Capitalized. (Year Updated). Retrieved from URL of the website.
Use your key question as a topic sentence. In 2 or 3 paragraphs, answer the three REQUIRED questions found in Lesson 5. You must answer at least two suggested questions in order to get full credit!
**You could make this a separate frame OR just zoom in to your chart on the spreadsheet. For example... click the next arrow!
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