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Back to School Day World Civ

Back to School Day

tim newhart

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Back to School Day World Civ

The projects Back to School Day
October 5, 2012
Mr. Newhart's
World Civlizations History 8
World Civilizations

Mr. Newhart
My office: Hazy 317
My phone number: 310 288 3294
My E-Mail: tnewhart@hw.com The content The tools The skills taught Reading maps
Analyzing Data
Note taking
Generating timelines Stuff we will be studying:
20th Century conflicts
21st Century challenges

The United Nations Simulation Historical analysis
Utilizing an atlas and an almanac
Utilizing primary and secondary sources
Making cultural connections
Recognizing cultural diffusion Some stuff we have studied
Exploration and the East
Portugal and Spain vie for a passage to the East
Ming and Qing Dynasties of China
The Tokugawa Shogunate
Exploration of the New World
The Atlantic Slave Trade Projects

The U.N. Project
Google Earth Kmz Wikis
Google Docs
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