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Instructional Strategies

610.630 Spring 2010

Jill Carter

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Instructional Strategies

PowerPoint In the Classroom

Jill Carter
Instructional Strategies
Spring 2010 PowerPoint Used In Education Classroom
Instruction Boardroom
Sales Barriers To Using PowerPoint Juvenile
Decreased attendance
Personal skill set
Disengaged student Your Classroom Students learn differently
Gen X and Gen Y
Baby Boomers
Multiple cultures The Disengaged Student The Engaged Student The PowerPoint Presentation Font variation
Use of illustration
Light background
Colors, bold, underline, and italics
Line by line projection of lecture concepts Simplify Your Slides The Handout Keeps the student engaged
Helps students follow the lecture
Identifies key ideas Skeletal Outline PowerPoint Slide Handout Use Graphs To Make Your Point Instructure Lecture Notes The Handout Leave space for note taking
Give out notes, not a speech or transcript
Put yourself in your students' place Remember... Handout = Roadmap
Handouts are to ENHANCE the lecture, not BE the lecture.
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