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H&H restaurant

eat wise

Ybyray Dikhanbay

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of H&H restaurant

Abishev Dastan Nurmagambetova Dinara Demessinova Laura Dikhanbay Ybyray OUTLINE:


- mission statement - unique selling point

- business goals - strengths/opportunities

- ownership - operations

- product/service description - activity plan

- industry analysis - development & exit plan

- competitors - financial plan

- marketing plan - why us? Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide to our customers high-qualified service and pure organic local products and promote healthy food and lifestyle to our target market. Moreover in all aspects we work according to halal rules. Associating our brand name with a healthy lifestyle and permissible by Islam food is a key point for us. Business Goals H&H restaurant is a property of LLP which consists of 4 shareholders: Dastan Abishev, Laura Demessinova, Ybyray Dikhanbay and Dinara Nurmagambetova, whose shares are equally divided by 25% OWNERSHIP Products & Services Industry analysis & trend COMPETITORS MARKETING PLAN FINANCIAL PLAN Activity Plan WHY US? because we offer you first in a kind healthy and halal menu in Kazakhstan.

and because we care! positive > 19% Initial investments - $ 1 100 000
Total start up costs - $1 091 833
Beginning operating cash - $8 167
Common equity - $ 330 000
Bank loan - $ 770 000
Interest rate - 14% Finance 30% 70% investments
bank loan Short term:
To become competitive
To capture free market niche
To build brand recognition
To be the best h&h concept restaurant Long term:
To repay debt
To build brand loyalty
To expand as restaurant chains 1. 2007 - 2010 growth of market from 20% to 27% 2. Highly competitive industry in Almaty 1356 caterings 354 restaurants 3. 70% of population is Muslim 4. Healthy lifestyle 5. Increasing number of companies with HALAL product certification Political Economical Social Technological Stable political situation positive factors for H&H Constant growth in GDP and Consumer Price Index Almaty is the most populated city Healthy lifestyle Well developed media and other communication tools for effective promotion Target Market People of 23 - 50 ages with income of $500 and higher Positioning:
H&H positions itself as reasonably priced, healthy and halal food restaurant MARKETING MIX H&H is the first restaurant, which delivers best organic and halal food and drinks with outstanding quality PRODUCT PLACE Almaty, Kazakhstan
Samal micro district, Zholdasbekov str. 77 - prestigious area in the center of city PRICE Initially Penetration Pricing strategy which will finally come to Value-Based strategy PROMOTION Physical Environment Renovation and Refurbishment PROCESS +Take away services PEOPLE Highly trained and motivated STAFF Unique Selling Point Being first movers in the market with healthy and halal concept Opportunities Strengths Reasonable pricing
Good location
First market movers
Strong PR
Highly trained staff Political stability
Restaurant chain in future
Expand range of product and services
Free market niche OPERATIONS Development Plan Exit Plan we can be bought by another existing restaurant or can be merged current investors could choose to liquidate their holdings
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