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Sarah Smith's Prezume for Prezi Educators' Society

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Sarah Smith

on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of Sarah Smith's Prezume for Prezi Educators' Society

Employers and

Cincinnati, OH 45255
Classes Taught:
Orientation to Early Childhood Education; Foundations of Early Childhood Education; Health Safety & Nutrition; Creativity in Early Childhood Education; Developing Curriculum in Early Childhood Education; Foundations of Early Childhood Education; Infants & Toddlers; Developing Child
Miami University
Class of 2005
BA in English, 3.7 Major GPA
Concentration in Gerontology

College of Mt. St. Joseph
Class of 2008
MA in Early Childhood Education
3.94 GPA
Sarah Smith
The Professional Life of
Community College Instructor in Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education Instructor
Early Childhood Education Instructor
Jana Camm
Early Childhood Education Associate Professor and
Program Manager at Gateway
Amy Carrino
Division Chair at Gateway
Teri Vonhandorf
Dean of Protective Services at Gateway
Go here to see my work:
Class Evaluations Available Upon Request
2013- Current
2008- 2009

Kentucky: K-5 Teacher Certification
Professional Development Specialist for the CDA Council

Prior employment includes Cincinnati Public 2007-2008 and Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease 2005-2006
Toshiba Grant winner, Participant in Xavier Math and Science Leadership Initiative, and Science Club Leader
Why would you make the best Prezi Educator?
Prezi has pushed my teaching to a new level. I create a new Prezi for every class that I teach. Prezi is not only an amazing tool for me in lecture, but Prezi allows my students to collaborate well outside of class for assigned projects. I teach many of my classes how to use Prezi because it is the best tool for collaboration in group work. My students are community college students who do not have the luxury to meet on campus due to conflicting work schedules, and Prezi makes it possible for them to have the same experiences working with other students as traditional students. I have taught my students how to use Prezi for professional purposes in making prezumes. My students have loved assigned group projects using Prezi. I hold computer labs where I help my students learn how to use Prezi because I believe that it will make them stronger students and stronger job candidates. I would make the best Prezi Educator because I am taking Prezi to a population of students who need Prezi the most and showing them how it can better their lives.
Prezi Educators' Society Questions
What is the most innovative thing you have done in the classroom? What was the impact?
I designed a unit plan template for Prezi. I assigned my students to create a thematic unit plan using this Prezi to demonstrate their course knowledge and ability to collaborate with other teachers. This class is a 100 level class, but their work was outstanding. This is a sample of one of my student groups' work:
How would you like to partner with other educators to advance engagement in the classroom?
I love to collaborate with other teachers. So far, I have spread the word in my department and created Prezis to share information with other teachers. I make my Prezis public, so that people have access to my work. I would love to share my knowledge of how to use Prezi effectively in the classroom. I would also love to learn new techniques about to use Prezi. Now that I have been hired recently as a full time faculty member, I hope to hold workshops about Prezi for other educators. I am happy to spread the word in any way I can!
I couldn't do it without Prezi! What a platform! What an amazing collaborative tool!
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