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Antoine Lavoisier Biography

No description

Holly Belland

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Antoine Lavoisier Biography

Antoine Lavoisier Biography
By: Erika & Holly

He Was...
A French chemist
Referred to as "Father of Modern Chemistry"
Married to a young, beautiful 13 year old girl
An author of many books such as "Considerations Generates sur la Nature des Acides"
What about John Dalton?
He proposed that all matter is composed of tiny particles in 1806
He is known for developing the concept of atoms into a scientific theory that has become the foundation of chemistry
He developed his Atomic Theory with the help from The Law of Conservation of Mass
He was able to put together atoms that are indestructible, they can rearrange but do not break apart.
Their Importance Today
Dalton's Atomic Theory, the Law of Conservation of Mass, and the Law of Definite Proportions are basic laws that have created a foundation for the study of chemistry
Without the findings of Lavoisier's, there would have been more difficulty for Dalton' theory and Proust's Law to be discovered
Law of Conservation of Mass
States mass is neither created nor destroyed during chemical reactions, but that it is conserved
The mass of reactants is equal to the mass of the products
He discovered this in the year of 1785
Who was Joseph Proust?
He was a chemist who conducted several tests on chemical substances
He discovered that each pure compound has its own characteristic element composition
His discoveries led to the Law of Definite Proportions, which says that the proportion by the masses of two given elements will always remain the same
Born on August 26, 1743 in Paris, France to a wealthy family
Went to college at des Quatre Nations
Studied science and became a chemist
Part of group that helped in the French Revolution
Caused beheading on May 8, 1794
Things he demonstrated...
With careful measurements, that transmutation of water to earth was not possible
Air is composed of 2 parts, one of which combines with metals to form calxes
Air responsible for combustion was also the source of acidity
Invented the system of chemical nomenclature still largely in use today including names such as sulfuric acid, sulfates and sulfites
Law of Conservation of Mass
A few achievements of Antoine
Won a gold medal on lighting the streets of Paris and designed a new method for preparing saltpeter
Stated the first version of the Law of Conservation of Mass
Recognized and named Oxygen and Hydrogen
Changed chemistry from qualitative to quantitative science
Showed nature is a closed system
Helped establish modern chemistry
Made first modern chemical textbook
Discovered diamond was crystalline form of carbon

Antoine Pic
Eiffel Tower
Antoine Standing
Conservation of Mass
Joseph Proust
John Dalton
Chemistry glass
Quote pic
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