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Goliath frog

This is a presentation about a Goliath frog's lyfe cycle. I hope you enjoy it.

Claudia Abad

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Goliath frog

Goliath froG fsfahull the Goliath frog is amazing rewtwe,.;/gmjkldflq[jiweo;jfkal;wjfkdls;jkla; th the goliath frog is the biggest frog on earth This is the goliath frog's life cycle first the goliath frog lays eggs dasfad ... the eggs turn to .... here is a tadel pole. some goliath frogs grow up to 12.5 inches long !!!!!!!!!!!!!! the goliath frog can weigh about 7.2 pound (3.3 kilogroms)!!! the goliath frog the second toe is the largest of all. this is the goliath frog life cycle. By: Claudia Abad The End Goliath frogs eat flies The goliath frog lays eggs but first it has to mate
with another frog. How do goliath frogs mate? The goliath frog
mates by going on
top of the other frog. This is a picture of frogs mating They are found only in a few swift-moving rivers that wind through a fringe of dense rain forest in coastal sections of Cameroon and Equatorial G in uinea in western Africa.
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