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Miami Heat

About Miami Heat

Johnson Duong

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Miami Heat

Miami Heat Lebron James, is the NBA finals MVP for 2012. He used to be on Cleveland Cavaliers team and has the leading score on that team. He is nicknamed King James. Born on December 30, 1984, in Akron, Ohio,United States. He left Cavaliers for Miami Heat and joined in 2010. Right now he is 27 years old, soon to be 28 years old. His salary ofr 2011-2012 was $16,022,500. His jersey number on miami is 6, 23 on Cavaliers Lebron James Dwayne Wade's nickname is Flash of D-wade. Born on January 17 , 1982, Chicago, Illinois, United States. He joined Miami Heat in 2003 and lead them to their first championship in 2006 against the Dalla Mavericks. He was named NBA finals MVP for 2006. His salary for 2011-2012 was $15,691,000. The teams Dwayne has only been on was Miami Heat. His jersey number is 3. Dwayne Wade NBA 2011-2012 champions.
Soon to be 2012-2013. Full court shot by Lebron James Miami Heat Miami Heat has won 2 championships in franchise history. Miami Heat was started in 1988. The manager is Pat Riley, the coach is Erick Spoelstra and the team owner is Micky Arison. Did you know their mascot is Burnie, he is a fireball. Born on March 24 1984 Dallas Texas (28 years old). He joined Toronto Raptors in 2003 and left them for Miami in 2010. He has only been on 2 teams Toronto Raptors and Miami Heat. His nickname is CB4. His jersey number is 1, 4 on Raptors. Chris Bosh THE END Erick Spoelstra the coach. That's Burnie.
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