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Ocean Current Energy

No description

Joseph Del Rosario

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Ocean Current Energy

Work(s) Sited:
What is it?
How does it work?

Ocean current energy generation takes advantage of the enormous amounts of kinetic energy produced by ocean currents, by placing turbines underwater that harness the kinetic energy and use it to push a generator that creates electrical energy.


Renewable - Because it relies on the power of ocean currents in the water, it is always available
Green - Does not produce any greenhouse gases.
Reliable - Plants can last up to 100 years, if properly maintained
High Efficiency - One water turbine can produce more electricity than a wind turbine, at a lower speed. Power of ocean currents > Power of wind
Predictable Energy Output - By following ocean current patterns, it’s easy to estimate the amount of energy that can be produced.
Effects on the Environment - Underwater turbines can affect marine biology and broken turbines can cause many problems underwater.
Expensive - High costs to build, place, and manage turbines.
Location Specific - Not a lot of places have potential to create a lot of energy. Though, the ones that do are usually very remote
Energy Transportation - Due to being made in the ocean, the energy must travel a long distance before reaching civilization
Ocean Current Energy Generation

is a European company that focuses on Energy production, oil and gas, paper, raw materials, and transportation systems.

They create tidal current power stations, which are freely flowing, three blade turbines. They have built test power stations in Korea and Scotland.

Marine Current Turbines Ltd
(MCT) is a United Kingdom-based company which is developing tidal stream generators (underwater turbines).

MCT was founded in 2000 to develop ideas of tidal power developed by Peter Fraenkel.The company is based in Bristol, UK, but is now looking to expand their market to Canada.

Underwater Turbines
Pros vs. Cons
Project by: Nitara & Joseph
Ocean currents are direct, continuous movement of water that flows in one of the Earth's oceans.
These are underwater turbines, and are used to generate electricity from ocean currents.
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